How To Prepare For House Removals

Removal companies are a convenient solution to people that need to move. A successful move requires adequate preparation. Below are some preparation tips for people that intend to move. 

Examine Your New Home

A mistake made by many people is failing to examine their new property from a removals perspective. For instance, you should check whether the entrance points are large enough for your furniture and oversized objects such as pianos. Additionally, you should locate a suitable parking space for the removals truck. Assess the size of the house. You may need to declutter your current home or hire storage space when moving into a smaller place.

Finding a Removalist

Your removalist must be experienced in residential removals. Below are some useful tips to consider when hiring a removalist. 

  • If you have large house furniture, work with removalists that have special equipment such as forklifts to load and unload your items.
  • When moving on a budget, consider professionals that offer backloading services.
  • The professional should have friendly terms and conditions. For instance, he or she should provide removals insurance. However, you could opt to complement the policy with your home insurance cover.
  • Examine the removalist's dispute resolution process. For instance, what would happen if he or she overpriced the service? What would happen if his or her staff damaged home fixtures such as expensive lighting or windows? 
  • Check the removalist's pricing policy. Most removalists will consider your household items and the distance you are moving when giving a quote. However, you will pay more if you need complementary services such as storage or packing your items.  

Inquire About Your Obligations

Customer obligations are a vital component of the removal process. Different removalists have varying policies. As such, it would be wise to ask your removalist what he or she expects from you. For instance, you may be required to provide packing cartons or to clear the hallways.  


Do not keep the removalist waiting on the removals day. You may incur penalties for lateness. Some removalists will not transport your pets and valuables. If this is the case, organise special transport for your pet and valuable items. Most removalists will ask you to provide manuals to dismantle furniture and appliances. Besides, they could ask you to defrost your refrigerator a few hours before the move. Sometimes, the removalist will prohibit you from packing your items. If you do, the removals insurance becomes void.  

When preparing for removals, examine your new home, work with an experienced removalist and inquire about customer obligations. Besides, observe the recommended execution tips. Contact a residential removals company to learn more.